DIY Hair Straightening with a Flat Iron

Got bored of the same hairstyle, want to try something new? Good styling products and few tips can make your dream come true even if you have curly hair.

Tips to keep in mind for hair straightening.

For people having curly hair, while looking into the mirror, the most important question is- can I ever have straight hair? And the answer is now yes! Anybody can achieve the new style like a salon and that too without wasting money.

DIY Hair Straightening with a Flat Iron

So want a right and high salon like hair treatment at Home, all you require is the few things mentioned below.

  • Hair straightener or flat iron
  • Oil treatment
  • Hair or blow dryer
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Hair serum
  • Branded Grooming Hair Kit

   Step 1. Washing and Drying of hair.

Washing and Drying of hair

Hair has to be washed a day before hair straightening is to be done. It comes out well when the hair is properly washed, conditioned and dried. To prevent the hair damage always go for deep conditioner and shampoo according to the type of hair. Many of the shampoos have chemicals that can damage hair, so it is highly recommended going for natural or eco-friendly products. These details are well explained by Miranda Hicks from Flat Iron Pro and we have picked some of this information from her  website. She has also covered a lot of interviews with the some of the best hair experts present in the industry.

Wrap the Towel on your hair and make it as a crown for about fifteen minutes for drying hair, when done with the shampoo and conditioning path. This technique will help the hairs to straighten easily. Remove the towel to see that hair is still wet? If yes, then its the right time for the even application of the conditioner in the hair just to give shine to your hairs. Use the right amount that is a little bit of application will be enough for hair because too much will destroy the volume of hair and result will not be desired in the styling process. The introduction of conditioner is totally optional.

Step 2.    Application of oil before straightening.

Application of oil before straightening

Before blow drying of oil hair treatment is required as we can go for Moroccan oil treatment.This Step is highly recommended for curly and frizzy and so as to give shine to dull hair also and it also helps in further styling process. Always use a comb having a wide tooth, as it avoids breakage of hair.

Step 3. Blow drying of hair

Washing and Drying of hair

While blow drying, always start from the roots, then coming towards the tips. Combing or brushing is required continuously at the time of using the dryer. For giving volume to hair flip the hairs up n down during blow drying.   Before moving on to next method, hair should be dried completely. Continue reading to know more about best steam mop for wood floors.

Step-4 .   Use of Heat Protectant.


For positive results heat protectant spray like Tresssme is required for hair before straightening, sprays should be at a distance of six inches away from the hair and evenly spreading is required. Leaved spray to settle down for a few minutes. For avoiding greasy looks do not apply it to the roots of the hair. It’s moisture protects hair to become dry and frizzy.

Step-5. Sectioning of hair should be done.

Sectioning of hair

In the next step, hair has to be divided into three sections so that straightening can be done easily. It’s a little bit difficult, but doing it in a proper way will help in the styling process. Grab the hairs from the First section and clip at the center of the head.

Secondly, take all the hair from the second section and clamp it above the ears with the help of the clip. Lastly, collect the hairs that are left in the third section and leave it as it is on the back side.

Step -6. Heat Setting on Flat Iron

Nowadays the market is fully loaded with different type of hair straighteners having a different temperature setting. While buying, keep in mind that it buy according to hair type.

Damaged or fine hair-250 – 300 F

Average or Healthy Hair- up to 350 F

Thick Hair- 380-410 F

Step -7. How to use Flat Iron.

Straightening irons can make hair smooth and which works on the rule of slide and clamp motion or we can say drag and drop motion like in mobiles. Take a small section of hair that is about 2 inches wide. Do it in the proper way according to sections created earlier because too much thick strand will not receive the heat of straightened. It should be done at a steady speed, and the direction should be in the right way so that flatness can be achieved.

For better flattening of hair and desired look, repeat the straightening step again. After completing the first section turned to next section so that straightening process should be completed.