8 Things I Love About Classical Perfumes

The pleasant scents perfumes are increasingly becoming popular and are coming in new designs and shapes with more wonderful characteristics. Today, it is very common to see any woman wearing too much of perfume that can increase her attractiveness and make her more beautiful. These perfumes are not available to us only now, but they are with us from 1370. These classical perfumes then continue to develop with many wonderful scents and more lasting effects. Obviously, everyone like the modern day perfumes coming in pretty coloured bottles but there are also some qualities of ancient perfumes that are loved by many persons. Below are the eight reasons that make classical perfumes popular even these days:-


1. Intricacy

The classical perfumes are mostly manufactured with many bases and natural materials such as florals and roses that impart a unique kind of complexity in them. The several bases used in these materials are also the mixture of different materials that enhances more complexness. Some of the classical perfumes such as Mousse de Saxe, Guerlain and Caron come with too much of complexity.

2. Purity

As the classical perfumes are made with so many natural materials they have purity very much in their scents. These perfumes are designed with perfect formulae and so impart rich and unique qualities. So, having several materials mixed in a balanced way, these classical perfumes emit the superb and fresh aroma. It then becomes the obvious thing that one should fall in love with these traditional style perfumes.

3. Change in smell

Many persons used to like the surprises and if they are by the perfumes they love them. Most of the classical perfumes tend to leave a smell that gets changed in the evening after being same throughout the day. People like the wonderful rose note that comes out of the hyacinth and jasmine mixture of a particular perfume Guerlain Chamade. Thus, getting something new every time is always very exciting and impressive thing.

4. Reformulation

It is difficult to get the same smell of Indian sandalwood synthetic musks and jasmine from the modern day perfumes. The reason behind this is the certain rules and regulations that prevent usage of these materials. But several post-reformulation classics can give an impression of some wonderful materials that were used by perfumers of the past. The Chanel Cuir de Russie is an amazing reformulation classical perfume that is liked by various people.

5. Packaging

If we get a thing that is packed in a wonderful style along with natural behaviour, we will like it very much. These classical perfumes are also available in a beautiful presentation and provide the same natural kind of smell. Several bottle designers work with the perfumer and create lovely bottles of classical perfumes, so making them more popular. Continue reading to know more about hair straightening with flat iron.

6. Brand names

As it new fragrance brand mostly faces certain difficulties in getting various copyrights to acquire as something pure and special. The classical perfumes have different simple and meaningful names such as Mitsouko, Habanita, Brut, Aramis, Opium, etc. Many persons like these unique names of classical perfumes.

7. Dirty effects

Also many persons like the animal effects of several classical fragrances. These perfumes are made with original formulae using different civet and musks. One popular ancient perfume the Chanel No 5 contains about 30% of castoreum and civet and produces a very pungent smell.

8. Ancient Perfumes

As the classical perfumes are available from very long time so there would be many stories about how these are created, what benefits these provide, how they are used and who uses them. Also, there are stories related to popular persons who used to wear these perfumes. Due to famous persons along with the stories many people love classical perfumes.


In summary, classical perfumes are also very popular these days because of the presence of many natural materials in them. These classical perfumes are more original and distinctive than modern day perfumes. They depict a unique kind of complexity and purity. Moreover, these perfumes surprise any people with its change in aroma and are packed in various wonderful bottles.