The Best Steam Mop for Wood Floors

Many of my readers requested me to explore the section of wooden floors. To find out which steam mop would be best for owners of homes with wooden floors. Most of the people are tensed about their flooring as they are not able to clean them properly. To cater to this issue, I found out a solution. Read on to know more.

I found out during my research that the warranty of many of the wooden floors is cancelled or not taken into consideration if the steam mop is not used properly on them. Steam mop destroys the floor if it is used not by a proper technique. The professionals can easily identify whether this damage is some manufacturing defect or it’s due to wrong use of the steam mop. Water is considered to be like the enemy of the wooden floor. When steam is being used, it is a transfer of moisture to the floor. If water does not dry up, it get into the floor gaps and will lead to swelling of the wood.

But now the good news is that many mops are available in the markets that are specially designed for the wooden floors. So, once you know the correct mop you will have no problem in cleaning your flooring.

Steam Mops recommended for wooden floors-

It is advised that if an individual is not sure about the quality of the floor then do not try the mop before taking opinion from an expert. Always offer a little steam to the floor even if your floor is in good shape.

While cleaning the floor, the cloth should be kept aside so as to dry the floor to achieve strikingly good results. A steam mop of canister shape has a floor attachment that can easily fit any cloth, not like sticky mops that only provide specially manufactured clothes from company only.

It will give a better result if distilled water is used in place of tap water. This is because hard minerals that are present in tap water can leave marks or streaks sometimes. By above survey, top rated three models are recommended for steam cleaning on wooden floors.

The best top 3 models for wooden floors-

Bissell power fresh steam mop

Bissell power fresh steam mop

It is considered to be effective and quite good for wooden floors. The mop is known for its quality of handling messy marks on the floors and converting the floors into shiny streaks.

The striking features of the mop are

  • The scrubber easily flips down to reach the crevices and grout without any issues.
  • The mop comes with SmartSet Steam Control appropriate to clean heavy messes to light cleaning.
  • For a gentle fragrance in the house after the mopping is over, the mop consists of a spring breeze fragrance discs.
  • The water tank is removable so that it can be easily filled up at the sink.
  • Most appropriate for cleaning the corners and edges as the low profile mop head is flexible. Continue reading to know more about best vacuum for deep-pile carpeting.

Eureka Enviro hard- surface floor steamer,313 A

Eureka Enviro hard- surface floor steamer,313 A

This type of steam mop is very light in weight and easy to lift also. It takes very few minutes to heat the water and gives the floor a perfect shine.

The amazing features of the mop are:

  • Without any use of chemicals, the steamer cleans and sanitizes the floor easily.
  • There is an indicator for water levels and also consists of a preheating tray to ensure the safety.
  • The height is adjustable with 12-1/2 inch head for cleaning.
  • Comes with two steam pads, funnel and a measuring cup.
  • Provides limited warranty of 1-year.

Hoover floormate deluxe hard floor cleaner FH40160PC

Hoover floormate deluxe hard floor cleaner FH40160PC

The best feature in this mop is that it comes with two tanks one for clean water and the other one for dirty water. The mop is light in weight. It is easy to clean and rinse the tanks. The results the mop gives are much satisfactory on wooden flooring.

Why this mop is preferred? The reasons are:

  • The mop consists of spin scrub brushes that counter-rotate so that hard floors can be cleaned and scrubbed from all the angles.
  • The capacity of the tank is 1.5 Quart that reduces your effort to refill the tank.
  • For quickly drying, the 11.5-inch nozzle is provided.
  • Comes handy with a 20-foot cord.

You can check on Amazon, all the products and you will be amazed to see alluring discounts on them too only on Amazon. So go and grab your choice. Happy mopping!

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